CCP Games shuts down EVE gambling sites


Iceland’s CCP Gaming, maker of the highly popular EVE multiplayer online role-playing game, has clamped down on 3rd party websites set up to gamble with its in-game currency.

CCP altered it’s end users licensing agreement (EULA) to prohibit the use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.

At the same time the game designers announced the suspension of game accounts belonging to anyone involved in the gambling activity.

Two third party operators in particular have been targeted: IWantISK and EVE Casino, who allowed EVE players to gamble using the in-game currency, ISK. Taking a hard line, CCP announced that the,”outstanding ISK or asset balances with either of the above mentioned organizations that have been subject to account action and/or ISK and asset confiscation.”

According to a statement on its homepage, IWantISK has announced it will relaunch with a non-ISK based system in the future.

EVE Casino has shut down its chance based game engines, but also questioned CCP’s actions. “We have NOT even opened EVE Casino for anyone to use,” they explained. “I know a lot of people have been asking in which way we have violated the Developer License Agreement since the EVE Casino project does NOT utilize CREST or the EVE SSO mentioned in the DLA. We are still inquiring on this manner.”

CCP’s swift and uncompromising action takes place against a backdrop of increasing controversy over gambling with in-game currencies. Two YouTubers were recently prosecuted under the Gambling Act by UK authorities after they made videos about gambling with assets from EA Sports Game FIFA16.