ComeOn Casino hires Featurespace to prevent fraud


Leading online casino ComeOn has hired Cambridge-based technology firm Featurespace to help it tackle fraudulent activity on its website.

A Featurespace platform called ARIC, marketed as the gaming sector’s number one machine learning fraud prevention system, will be integrated into the ComeOn system. Its job will be to detect behaviour anomalies that could be a sign of fraudulent activity, including in-play fraud, fraudulent chargebacks, and bonus abuse.

“Following an extensive global search for a fraud system that would identify new types of fraud as they occur,” explained ComeOn director Jovin Genovese, “We chose Featurespace’s ARIC platform because it far outweighed anything we had seen.

“Working with Featurespace ensures that our customers are protected by the most sophisticated fraud and customer management platform on the market.”

Featurespace, like many Cambridge-based technology firms, was created by academics at the University of Cambridge. The firm was founded by Professor Bill Fitzgerald and Dave Excell from the university’s Engineering Department, two world-renowned experts in applied statistics.

Featurespace CEO Martin King (pictured) said in a statement, “We are proud to be partnering with ComeOn to deliver our ARIC platform. It has been a pleasure working with the pioneering ComeOn team, who do all they can to create the safest environment for their customers.”

The partnership with ComeOn is an excellent choice if Featurespace want to expand widely into the online casino market. Sweden’s Cherry AB, a dominant player in the enormous Scandinavian online casino market, took a 49% stake in ComeOn earlier this year. If ARIC’s integration into ComeOn goes well, Featurespace could find itself with an easy path to becoming the partner of choice for some of the biggest online casinos in the world.

Besides working with online casinos, Featurespace’s ARIC platform has also been designed to help providers of insurance and financial products. The system will not only protects providers from fraudulent losses, but improves customer experience for those who want to engage with a service in good faith.