Is Donald Trump Jr connected to the Illuminati?


There’s no doubting Donald Trump Jr is a well connected person. He’s an Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, a regular on the American version of The Apprentice, and, of course, his father is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. But he has other connections that are kept much quieter. Despite months of intense media scrutiny, most people are aware that Donald Trump Jr has also been a member of a secret society for over twenty years. This secret society, which calls itself Phi Gamma Delta and is known to its initiates by the code word FIJI, has some decidedly odd looking features that will attract the attention of Illuminati hunters everywhere.

Phi Gamma Delta, like many American secret societies, recruits its members during their undergraduate years at university. FIJI in particular has excelled at attracting influential players of the future to its all male membership, including one US President, two Vice Presidents, several US Senators, and dozens of high-ranking military officers.

After several months of probation and scrutiny, prospective members undergo a secret initiation ritual. Fully initiated members can identify each other initiates using secret passwords, signals and handshakes.

Phi Gamma Delta presents itself in public as just one of many “fraternities” that are a common but controversial feature of university life in America. This is not entirely true, however, as the group has some decidedly unusual features. A careful observer would be forgiven, in fact, for wondering if FIJI is actually an Illuminati front group.

Here are five facts about Phi Gamma Delta you should know:

  1. FIJI was founded in 1840 by six men known by their brethren as ‘The Immortals.’
  2. Unlike normal college fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta members do not become ‘Alumni’ when they graduate. They are referred to as Graduate Brothers to make it clear they are expected to stay loyal to the secret society as they make their way in the worlds of business and politics.
  3. Since 1893 graduate brothers have been summoned by the society to what are know as ‘Pig Dinners’ once a year.
  4. Two Phi Gamma Delta members have died, and one has been paralyzed, during initiation rituals called ‘hazing.’
  5. It is popularly believed that the founders of Phi Gamma Delta were all Freemasons (although Phi Gamma Delta denies this allegation).

Whether or not Phi Gamma Delta is a front organization for the Illuminati, it is clear that the firstborn son of a man who may be US President in a few weeks has connections that many will find disturbing.

More disturbing still is Donald Trump Jr’s use of a political analogy first pioneered by Nazi propagandists in the 1940s. Conspiracy theorists have long speculated about a possible connection between the Illuminati and Hitler’s rise to power. Is it a coincidence that a member of a possible Illuminati front organization would employ similar propaganda tactics?

If proved true, this would not be the first secret-society scare in American history. The Bush family have a long history with an organization known merely as Skull and Bones, and in 1831, just a few years before the founding of FIJI, the State of New York elected a governor from the Anti-Masonic Party.

Whether or not the Illuminati and Phi Gamma Delta connections are real, there is one undeniable fact that demands further investigation: if Donald Trump wins the upcoming Presidential election, Phi Gamma Delta will once again have placed an initiate into a key position in the White House. What will this mean for America and the world?