Pennsylvania man assaults girlfriend but blames Sands Casino


Judge Paula Roscioli of Northampton County Court in Easton, Pennsylvania, dismissed a civil suit by Nicholas Mullins against Sands Casino in Bethlehem for serving him fifteen double whiskeys. Mullins later went on to attack his then fiancée and is now serving a four year sentence.

The injuries inflicted by Mullins, 31 from Allentown, were so severe he was charged with attempted murder.

Mullins claimed that he was unable to remember the assault he pleaded guilty to in 2012, and that his last memory was spilling a drink while playing poker at a table in the Sands Casino.

When asked by his attorney, “Do you remember all the events that happened that night?” Mullins answered he did not, only “bits and pieces and flashes.”

Mullins blames both his lack of memory and combative actions on the free drinks he was being served by Sands Casino staff.

The Sands Casino denies wrongdoing, saying Mullins was on their premises for thirteen hours from evening until night and did not assault his girlfriend until the next morning.

According to the casino hotel’s records, Mullins left the casino floor at 1:30am, three hours before the assault took place.

Mullins also testified that the Sands Casino is not the first casino he has sued for overserving him alcohol. He has also sued the Mohegan Sun Pocono near Wilkes-Barre for after suffering alcohol poisoning several months before the incident that landed him in prison.

Mullins is now on probation after serving four years for aggravated assault. He claims as a convicted felon he is shunned by women and struggles to find employment.

“I attempted suicide a few months ago because of it,” he told the jury. “I was in a psychiatric ward because of it.”

But Judge Roscioli halted the trial on its second day saying Mullins had no one to blame but himself.